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WEPA Expeditions – Marine Reservation – St. John & Abu Fendera Reefs

Preparing a new WEPA project, in the second week of November we made another trip to Egypt. This time in the south of the Egyptian Red Sea area for diving at St. John’s and Abu Fender reefs. St. John’s is a chain of reefs located on the Tropic of Cancer, which offers a variety of […]

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Marine Park – Daedalus Reef – Underwater photography exhibition

The Underwater Photography Exhibition runs from November 6th  to 30th, in Bucharest, Seneca Anticafe, architect Ion Mincu Street no. 1. The project of promoting natural parks continues with this new exhibition, presenting the most interesting underwater scenery, fish and coral reefs. Red Sea is home to some of the most spectacular coral reefs in the world, harboring high […]

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Underwater Photography Exhibition – Daedalus Reef – Red Sea

We are preparing a new exhibition, this time about marine reservations of the Red Sea. In August, WEPA team organised an underwater photography workshop in one of the most famous diving spots in the world, Daedalus Reef – Red Sea. In this area you have the opportunity to take pictures of various species, from sharks and dolphins  to tiny creatures like nudibranchs, from the […]

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Promoting Natural Parks of Romania

National Park Vanatori Neamt conducted a project to reintroduce the European bison into freedom, as this species is threatened with extinction. Last bison disappeared in 1762 from Moldova and Transylvania in 1790. The last wild bison was killed in Poland in 1919 and in the world in 1927 in the Caucasus. In 1927 less than […]

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Wildlife Photography – Wild Bisons of Nature Park – Vânători, Neamț

The photo session took place in the company of the largest wild mammals living in our country. To take pictures of them we went to the Vânători Neamț Nature Park, where we had a meeting with the European bison (Bison bonasus). This species is an endangered species and there are specific efforts to reintroduce bison […]

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Wild Bisons from our mountains

WEPA’s new project aims to promote Romania’s National Parks. Wild Bisons from Neamț Mountains – the first of protected areas in Romania and among the few places where bison were reintroduced in freedom. The fact that for 200 years these animals could not be found in freedom in our country, is another reason to try […]

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