Project 2018 – Nusa Penida

Project objectives 1. Immortalization of the main threatened species in the Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembogan, Nusa Ceningan islands: marine mammals, sharks, turtles, fish; 2. Monitoring populations of marine animals; 3. Communicating the needs for the recovery of threatened marine animal populations; 4. Involving communities in the effort to protect themselves by raising awareness of overfishing, […]

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Naturals Park of Romania – Cuejdel Lake

Author: Alin Miu Cuejdel Lake or The Lake of the Cross is the largest natural dam lake in Europe, covering an area of ​​approximately 150 hectares and having an average depth of 10 meters and a water volume of 1,000,000 cubic meters. It is also constantly growing. The dam is 30 meters high and 100 […]

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Luminescent jellyfish

Author: Alin Miu – The Mauve Stinger or Luminescent Jellyfish is a beautiful jellyfish. Often coloured purple, you can find it around the world in warm and temperate waters from around 12 to 30 m. The colourful mauve stingers (pictured) have tentacles that can grow around four metre long and these eight tentacles are dangerous […]

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A new WEPA Project – Sharks of Azores

A new project WEPA will be held in July 2016. The project takes place in the Marine Protected Area in the Azores and its subjects two sharks – Mako shark blue shark . Members will photographing, monitoring and documenting specimens of endangered species of sharks. Underwater photography subjects project will be carried out alongside experts […]

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Project 2016 – Sharks of Azores

Project objectives 1. Photographing key threatened species in the Azores Islands : Mako Shark( Isurus oxyrinchus) and Blue Shark ((Prionace glauca), marine mammals, sharks, turtles, fishes; 2. Monitoring the marine species; 3. Communicating the need of restoring endangered marine animal populations; 4.Involving communities in the effort of protection through awareness on overfishing and trade with endangered […]

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Join WEPA to celebrate The Black Sea Day@Seneca Anticafe

WEPA is preparing to celebrate the International Day of the Black Sea along with Seneca Anticafe. You are invited Saturday October 31 at 11:30 at Seneca Anticafe in a story trip around the sea and discover its beauty, richness and secrets. Educational workshop “Black Sea Story” is addressed to both children and adults and combines […]

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Wild Bisons of Romania – National Parc Vânători Neamț

A short movie of wild bisons from WEPA’s project: Bulls Fight

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“REMARKABLE MEETINGS – Socorro Manta Rays” @National Museum of Natural History “Grigore Antipa”

The Willdlife Ecology Photography Association (WEPA), in collaboration with the National Museum of Natural History “Grigore Antipa” are pleased to announce the opening of the exhibition “REMARKABLE MEETINGS – Socorro Manta Rays”. The exhibition will be open to public from The 11th of June until The 12th of July 2015. The opening will take place […]

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First WEPA exhibition – the circumstance for presenting in Romanian Parliament of the draft legislation which regards to dolphin protection

Wednesday, May 6 represents a great success for WEPA and the marine ecosystem through presence in Romanian Parliament, the Chamber of Deputies with an exhibition which presented photographs taken in Socorro expedition. The event drew the attention of the parliamentarians and media by its unique character, receiving feedback about our project as being a brave […]

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