Project 2018 – Nusa Penida

Project objectives 1. Immortalization of the main threatened species in the Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembogan, Nusa Ceningan islands: marine mammals, sharks, turtles, fish; 2. Monitoring populations of marine animals; 3. Communicating the needs for the recovery of threatened marine animal populations; 4. Involving communities in the effort to protect themselves by raising awareness of overfishing, […]

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2017 Project – Sharks of Philippines

2017 Expedition – Cebu Islands – Philippines Main destination Cebu Province is located in the central part of the Filipino archipelago, Visayas region, east of Negros and west of Leyte and Bohol Islands. The area consists of the island of Cebu along with other 167 small islands, including: Sumilion, Mactan, Olango, Malapascua, Camotes, etc. Here […]

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Project 2016 – Sharks of Azores

Project objectives 1. Photographing key threatened species in the Azores Islands : Mako Shark( Isurus oxyrinchus) and Blue Shark ((Prionace glauca), marine mammals, sharks, turtles, fishes; 2. Monitoring the marine species; 3. Communicating the need of restoring endangered marine animal populations; 4.Involving communities in the effort of protection through awareness on overfishing and trade with endangered […]

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