Project 2018 – Nusa Penida

Project objectives

1. Immortalization of the main threatened species in the Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembogan, Nusa Ceningan islands: marine mammals, sharks, turtles, fish;

2. Monitoring populations of marine animals;

3. Communicating the needs for the recovery of threatened marine animal populations;

4. Involving communities in the effort to protect themselves by raising awareness of overfishing, endangered livestock trade and discouraging the consumption of preparations based on these threatened species.

Main Destination

The Nusa Lembongan Islands and Nusa Penida are synonymous with wonderful coral reefs, scorching surf, peace and tranquility. For diving lovers and snorkeling is also the place where you can meet the wonderful marine animals – the sea devils. Located in the Marine Biodiversity hotspot of the Coral Triangle, the Nusa Penida (NP MPA) marine protected area is about 32 kilometers (kilometers) off the coast of the southeast coast of Bali.


01 – 03 September: travel on route Bucharest – Singapore – Denpasar – Nusa Lembogan

04 – 07 September – visit to the Monkey Forest Reserve – Ubud

08 – 14 September: Travel to the Nusa Penida Reserve area: diving

14 -15 September: travel on the Denpasar – Singapore – Bucharest route.


The Nusa Penida 2018 project aims at participating in an international underwater photography project. The images made under this project will be donated to Marine Species Protection Associations that aim to monitor and identify sea-level demersal specimens (Manta Biostris, Manta Alfredi) in the area concerned.

The purpose of this expedition is to familiarize the general public with the underwater landscapes in all their splendor and especially with the dangers to which they are subjected by the human factor. Our objective is to send a first alarm signal on endangered species and on commercial activities taking place in the area, thus endangering whole species of marine mammals, seabirds, fish, geese, sharks, etc.

After this expedition, we will organize exhibitions and seminars aimed at debates on the protection of the underwater environment. Discussions will involve people working in government, non-government, business, academia, media, publicity, and public relations.

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