Our association is a non-profit organization that wants to contribute to environmental conservation through ethical photography use

About Us (WEPA)

Our aim is to join the skills and talents of renowned photographers in Romania and worldwide in an effort to improve preservation of ecosystems across the globe.

The work will be based on projects and partnerships with other organizations and scientists involved in nature conservation, in order to produce high quality documentary images that present to the general public the nature in its beauty and the challenges that it is facing.

The mission of the Association is to contribute to environmental conservation through ethic photography. We believe that outstanding images can inspire and develop the spirit of preservation of the public. We want to replace environmental indifference with a new culture focused on passion for our planet.

Foundation Activities

  • Create, support, implement and participate in environmental conservation related projects in Romania and worldwide, and increase the visibility of these projects among the public.
  • Symposiums, conferences, exhibitions, to educate the audience and maximize the involvement of citizens in nature conservation projects.
  • Organizing and attending lectures and workshops on topics of nature/wildlife photography to improve the quality of images taken.
  • Information campaigns and public awareness information materials on nature conservation issues.
  • Creating an online platform for the promotion of our projects and of wildlife photographers in Romania.
  • Organize wildlife and conservationist photography contests.
  • Fundraising, donations, sponsorships for the Association.
  • Obtaining grants for creating environmental photo projects.
  • Any other actions to help achieve the Association goals, to attract money and material resources and ensure their optimal use.
  • Artistic exchanges.