Philippines sharks



The thresher shark (Alopias pelagicus) is named this way because it has a long tail, the size of its body, which makes it resemble the continental mammal. But the famous tail, that is used to hunt, by whipping and stunning the fish, has attracted its destiny of endangered species: it is hunted to meet the […]

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Thresher Shark from Monad Shoal

Author: Claudia Milea The Thresher Shark – one of the most shy and elusive shark Impressed by the grace of the gentle giant from Oslob, we headed our steps to the last point of our expedition, Malapascua Island, for Thresher Shark(Alopias vulpinus) meeting. One of the most shy and elusive shark, the Thresher Shark is […]

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Sardine Run – Moalboal – 2017 Project

Author: Alin Miu A new WEPA project is almost completed. Philippines Cebu region offers unique landscapes, gorgeous islands, memorable diving places, animals and fish of every kind, hospitable and smiling people. In the next period we will present our experience with this unique ecosystem. Moalboal – Pescador Island– Sardine run The trip from Cebu to […]

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Sharks of Philippines – a new WEPA 2017 Project

Sharks of Philippines – a new Wepa 2017 project We are preparing a new project, this time we will dive and photograph in the archipelago Cebu, Philippines. Underwater photography subjects of our project are two species of shark: the whale shark and thresher shark : THE WHALE SHARK – Rhincodon typus is the largest existing […]

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