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Whale Shark(Oslob- Philippines)

The 2017 expedition continued to carry us to the south of Cebu Island, to Oslob, more specifically to Tanawan village. We went there for a really special meeting with the world’s biggest fish: the whale shark. Divided into two subpopulations, the share is considered to be 75% in Indo-Pacific and 25% in Atlantic. It is […]

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Sardine Run – Moalboal – Philippines 2017

One of Cebu’s famous diving area is located in the west of the island, around the village of Moalboal. It stretches over several kilometres along the coast and welcomes you with white sandy beaches, turquoise water and coral reefs. One objective of our project was to assess the stocks of sardines that are resident in […]

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Pangarati Lake – Neamt County, Romania

Pângăraţi Lake is an important area for birds migrating from the eastern lane of Romania. Due to mild weather and rich food sources, many birds migrating from northern provinces to areas with warmer climates have come in this area. Birds have interrupted migration and remained over winter in this area. Among the species wintering here […]

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Roseate Tern – Rare birds of Europe

Azores is an archipelago of nine volcanic islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean belonging to Portugal that is just 3 hours away from the Iberian Peninsula. Two unique features make the Azores a unique place: the combination of subtropical with oceanic climate and also that its islands are bathed with the rich waters of […]

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Rechinul Albastru din Azore

Rechinul Albastru a fost principalul subiect al Proiectului de promovare a ariilor Protejate din Europa din anul 2016. Fotografii subacvatice: Alin Miu Destinație: Insula Pico, Arhipelagul Azore, Oceanul Atlantic   More details about our Projects

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Documentation Expedition – Red Sea Protected Area – St. John & Abu Fendera Reefs

WEPA latest expedition from November 13 to 20, 2015, was bound for the southern Red Sea – St.John and Abu Fendera Reefs. Images taken in this expedition emphasized the diversity of marine species, behavior and identifications of the different species of fish. Starting from the picture library of WEPA, we develop a series of projects […]

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Underwater Photography Workshop Red Sea 2015

2015 Underwater Photography Workshop aims to provide participants the opportunity to bring to the surface the impressive images of the marine environment. The project aims to bring participants in a position to share with the world the special places they visit and their great experiences as divers.

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Wild bison from Vânători National Park, Neamţ

The photo shoot was part of a photography project of the Wildlife Ecology Photography Association( WEPA ), which aims to promote Romania’s national parks. WEPA members Alin Miu and Alexandru Antoniță were attending. Photographic equipment was provided by Olympus through MGT Educational SRL . The team has tested the Olympus OMD E M5 II camera. […]

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