Sharks of Philippines – a new WEPA 2017 Project

Sharks of Philippines – a new Wepa 2017 project

We are preparing a new project, this time we will dive and photograph in the archipelago Cebu, Philippines. Underwater photography subjects of our project are two species of shark: the whale shark and thresher shark :

  • THE WHALE SHARK – Rhincodon typus is the largest existing fish, with dimensions over 10 meters long and weighing over 20 tons. Whale shark feeds on plankton by filtering sea water with its mouth and has a unique design of points and stripes serving as unique mark, allowing researchers to identify individual specimens.
  • THE THRESHER SHARK – Alopias vulpinus is resident in the area of Malapascua Island and it’s one of the most elusive sharks. He spends most of his time at great depths, under 50-100m, therefore it’s quite difficult to be photographed. In this area there are cleaning stations where the sharks get rid of the parasites from its body, with good chances to meet and photograph them.

More details in our Project page